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Nolcha Fox

I'm a published author of fantasy and horror short stories. In my spare time I review books and short stories. Here's what's crawled out of my little brain....

Ongoing an Upcoming Publications

So Many Times (a short story anthology, updated monthly):

"Blue" is an experimental fantasy piece, a blend of sensory experiences. It will be published in Issue 10 of The Ginger Collect.


"Mother Love"

This story is based on an actual event. Published February 2017 in DeadLights, July 2019 on, and with the demise of Deadlights, now has a permanent home on Malarkey Books as of August 2019.

"Al's Vacation"

Poor Al. He’s such a slob. He’s on vacation with his buddies, who stage an intervention. Their time apart (and the crumpled paper with his girlfriend’s phone number his wife found in his pocket) leads to a series of emails between Al and Shirley that spiral downward (published Dec 2017 in Issue 8 of We Are A Website).

"The Magician" and "Spaghetti"

All George wanted to do was disappear. Be careful what you wish for. “The Magician” was nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize.

"Spaghetti" was based on a series of conversations with my aunt. It’s not always so easy to take advantage of a little old lady.

These two stories were published Dec 2017 in the 3rd collection of The Wire’s Dream Magazine

"Kurst’s Curiosities"

Be careful about buying used items (published Dec 2017 in Issue 2 of Cadaverous Magazine).

"Disappeared" and "Words"

In "Disappeared," have you ever wondered where do people go when they simply disappear? What journey might they take?

"Words" is based on my baby brother's overdose on pills and booze. See what happens when words take on a life of their own.

Published Jun 2018 in the 4th collection of The Wire’s Dream Magazine.

"Feast Grotesque"

Imagine a future in which selected humans are treated like veal calves in preparation for a feast (published Oct 2019):

"Porch Light"

Cassie uses a porch light to decide whether to leave her husband (published Oct 2019):


Sometimes doodling is better than real life. Sometimes doodling can save your life (published Oct 2019):

"Heaven, Inc."

What if Heaven was structured like a corporation? Published Oct 2019):

"The Weed That Wouldn't"

Some things are best left alone... including some of the things you find in your garden (published Oct 2019):

"Baby Brother"

How do we survive a loss? Published Oct 2019:

"Blame the Wind"

How would you react if you could really see how connected you are to other people? Published Oct 2019:

"Shiny Pebbles"

Trish, who is petrified of flying because of a recurring falling dream, has to brave a storm for a flight to her father's funeral (published Oct 2019):

"The Walk"

Wanda can't figure out why Charlie doesn't want to have anything to do with her anymore. When she suggests a walk, he walks away, and she gets lost (published Oct 2019):


Tom and Kate have a trying time adjusting to their new home. Blame the robin (published Oct 2019):

"Lost and Found at the Hotel of the Winds"

There's more than one way to improve customer satisfaction (published Sept 2019 in the Summer Issue of Dusk and Shiver).


An Echo Dot and an artist are star-crossed lovers (published Aug 2019 in the 5th-6th collection of The Wire's Dream Magazine):

Little Lies

Clara can see ghosts, but she can't see who her real family is. It doesn't help that they're trying to kill each other off (novelette published Aug 2019):

"Death by Fruitcake"

Fruitcake is a Christmas tradition that has developed a bad reputation over the years. Here's why....(published Nov 2019):

"Main Squeeze"

Joe is always looking for aliens. They're closer than he thinks (published Nov 2019):

"While We're Waiting to Die"

Three elderly women cross state lines in a stolen golf cart and are thrown in jail (published Dec 2019):

"Second-Hand Sally"

Sally finds a steamer trunk to store her junk. It does much more than that (published Dec 2019):

"Dear Virgie"

This story is based on the weirdest question ever asked Amy Dickinson (published in the Jan 2020 issue of ENVIE!)

"Mirror, Mirror"

When Mona shatters her mirror, she gets help from some unexpected friends (published Feb 2020):

"Missed You Again"

This story is about an almost-love that might have a second chance (published in the Feb 10 2020 edition of Elephants Never):

"The Road Around Whaytyn"

"This story is based on "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, a poem I've always loved. I've always been fascinated by what might be on that other road (published Feb 2020 in the 7th collection of The Wire's Dream Magazine):



Here's a fairy tale ending you don't expect:


Be careful about the hotel you choose:

"The Basics of Customer Service"

Don't mess with the merchant!

"Within This Body of Stone I Scream"

Sometimes we can't scream (or escape) soon enough....

"Strands of Our Tomorrows"

What is more important, our love or our memories of that love?

"Sweet Tooth"

This will make you laugh!


A good story about the relationship you pretend to have, and the one you really have:

"Tattered Flower"

A thought-provoking story:

"The Apprentice"

A fun read:

"The Future According to GeneArts"

Maybe being all the same isn't a good thing:

"Baby Robots"

A twist on the joy of (test) parenting:

"Shade Under a Blue Moon"

Paranormal meets Western:

"See You on the Other Side"

I love stories about playing with time:


Funny how the oddest things can inspire memories:

"Snack Service"

When you think your boss is a monster, sometimes you're right!

"Father Ryan's Fright"

I loved this fairy story!

"Jake's Chiropractic"

A career change can be tough! Jake's Chiropractic:

"Small Evil"

Be careful what you summon!

"Fixing It"

Some people you can never please:

"Check YES to Live"

Next time I get a scam call or odd message on my computer, I'll think very carefully how I'll answer:


This short story puts a whole new spin on parenting:

"Malgenot, '32, Notes of Cherry"

Treat everyone kindly:


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